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How to choose a slot machine?

We have the tendency to wrongly assume that all slot machines are similar. That is why we give below some details about the various machines and some advice to make your choice easier. Actually, all machines are not at all similar. To prove this point, take a look at the machine and look closely at the operating instructions which tell the payback percentage. The information contained in this guide shows the differences between them. For example, scanning a classic slot machine consists in verifying the type of chips or coins that it uses. It is also taking note of the limit of the sum of minimal and maximal bets allowed.

Multiplier slot machines

Among the multiple types of machines that you can encounter in land-based casinos or online, you can find the multiplier slot machines or the slot multiplier. These machines offer winnings for a particular symbol. The sum of the winnings equals the number of chips bet multiplied by the number of predetermined times. From this, bet a big amount to receive a high win that is proportional to the number of number of chips played, because the multiplication is linear. For example, if a machine pays five chips for every chip played, he will then pay fifteen for three chips played. The advantage of this type of machine is that a chip can be played at the same time, because they don’t require the player to bet the maximum number of chips allowed.

Bonus multiplier slot machines

Also known as the bonus multiplier slot, it works similarly to the previous one. The main point of difference lies in the fact that the bonus multiplier offers a bonus in addition to the Jackpot, when you bet the maximum number of chips. For example, a winning combination is paid 1000 chips for every chip played, 2000 for every 2 chips, and 10000 chips for a maximal bet.

Slot machines with multiple lines of payment

This type of machine lets players bet on several lines of payment at the same time. In other words, you can activate the other lines above and below the middle line by inserting a chip for each line. You only receive a winning amount if you win on the lines that you have activated. As opposed to old mechanical machines that only count three lines of payment, modern machines today, especially the slot machines video, have more than 25 lines that criss-cross on five virtual reels.

Chosen payment slot machines

Under its English name, Buy a pay slot is a complicated slot machine. The principle consists in buying a payment line or kind of combination. The machine, “Sizzlin 7’s,” for example pays for 7’s, bars, and cherries. With one chip, you play only with the cherries. On the other hand, with two chips, you also play with bars, and three chips lets you bet on three symbols. When you play on this machine, always play the maximum number of chips allowed. Otherwise you will risk getting three 7’s, which is not enough to get a win. This is due to the fact that you haven’t inserted enough chips in the machine to be able to play with the 7.

Slot machines with progressive jackpot

It is important to know that they are interconnected and participate in the supply of the jackpot. Sometimes, several slot machines from different casinos are connected together to offer a gigantic Jackpot. This sometimes reaches thousands of dollars. The disadvantage of this type of machine is that its payback percentage is very weak with little winnings. The goal of this strategy is to deliver a higher sum for the accumulated Jackpot. Access to the Jackpot is also reserved for players who bet the maximum number of chips allowed for each round.


To sum up, all the slot machines are delivered with their manual and information about them. Read the notes first so that you choose the right machine for you. In conclusion, remember that there is no link between the payback percentage and the type of machine, whether it be a buy-pay or multiplier.