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The different types of slot machines

There are different types of slot machines. They all don’t work in the same way. In this page, you will learn how to work a mechanical slot machine and video slots.

Mechanical slot machines

Picture of how a mechanical slot worksThe first slots in history are completely mechanical. It works by using a combination of levers, notches, and springs. Inside the one-armed bandit, you find a shaft on which the reels sit. It is connected to the lever and is used to begin a game by turning the reels. The reels stop with a brake system.

A sensor indicates the position of the reels in relation to the payment system, which pays you back your winnings by selecting the coins it gives you back.

There are many ways to determine the winnings of the player. The classic way consists in measuring the depth of the notches on the disk of the reels. The most impressive notch gives you a jackpot and the less imposing one gives a defeat. Otherwise, certain mechanical slot machines use a series of metallic contacts on the reels and photoelectric cells which manage a different electric current depending on the light that they receive.

Video Slots

Video slots in a casinoBeginning in the 1960s, slot machines began to use different electronic parts. One decade later, due to the developments of computer science, certain devices replaced their reels with digital screens on which symbols are shown. Under their hood, you only find electronic parts. These slot machines are called video slots. They have become the norm in casinos around the world. They use a random number generator. This is a software program that launches when you turn on the one-armed bandit. It generates millions of numbers per second at random, which represent the different combinations that can be obtained. When a player pulls the lever to play the slot machine, the program stops on a number that corresponds to the symbols that you are going to obtain.