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Jackpot exampleThe set of games available in online casinos can be divided into two big groups: slot machines and table games. Out of all the existing games of chance, the majority of players agree that the slot machine has a greater popularity and greater success than the others. The structure of a slot machine is composed of reels and lines which create winning combinations. There are certain machines which occasionally offer “free spins” or free games, while others offer players the opportunity to play for the jackpot.

By definition, the jackpot is the gigantic sum that a player can win, according to certain rules pre-established by the payback table. The reason that these machines attract so many people is that it is easy to play them without needing any special talent. Also, they offer very significant winnings. There are two types of jackpots: the Simple Jackpot and the Progressive Jackpot. The amount of the winnings in the classic jackpot, which is also called basic slot, is fixed in advance and does not change. In other words, it does not take into account the number of chips that have been bet in the game.

Ideal for players with small budgets, this type of machine offers the advantage of giving out winnings more frequently than the progressive jackpots. But it offers sums that are lower. The value of the winnings of a progressive jackpot increases depending on the bets played on certain machines of the casino. Sometimes, several slot machines in several different casinos are connected to one another in order to increase the progressive jackpot more and more as you insert chips. In simple terms, the more the number of chips bet increases, the more significant the jackpot becomes. Using this logic, the player must then bet the most possible chips each time and on a machine with a more significant jackpot, if he wants to optimize his chances to win.

This type of machines is thus recommended for the player who has a big budget to spend. The principle of the game rests the same for the two types of jackpots. To win the jackpot, you have to get one of the winning combinations of the game. This is most often the alignment of several identical figures or several very specific cards. When the jackpot is collected, the machine resets it to its lowest level and then it increases progressively over time. Certain machines restrict the access to the progressive jacket to the players who get the most credits allowed for each bet.

Most of the time, the casino adds an integral sum to the amount of the jackpot for the bets played by the players so that it reaches enormous proportions and attracts more players. As a result, the higher the stake, the higher number of people interested.

Game software and Jackpots

At the moment, there is a host of software for casino games, which have slot machines with simple or progressive jackpots. To name a few, there is Cryptologic, Real Time Gaming, Playtech, Microgaming, Entertainement, Boss Media, and B2W. It is important to know that each one of these game software programs has its own set of machines. And, all jackpots will be in all the online casinos that use the same type of software. When a type of jackpot appears in only one online casino, its amount will normally be lower than the enormous winnings in traditional progressive jackpots.

Choosing a jackpot

Choose the right type of jackpot on any type of software. Choosing a slot machine on Playtech or on Microgaming will decide the game that you will play. But no matter what machine you take, the objective remains the same: to give you the biggest jackpots that you can win.