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Myths of the slot machines


Contrary to what many people think, no standard slot machine turns into a “hot” or “cold” machine. In fact, the winning probabilities are about the same each round. It is also false to assume that you can play with other coins such as Turkish or CFA francs coins that you frequently find in French machines. Trying to work the machine with another coin will only block it, and it will never be helpful. Also avoid inserting string in the slot when you want to pick up your lost bets.

Without question, the most idiotic of superstitions is the habit in which the player warms up their chips before inserting them.

A preference for the stick to buttons doesn’t change anything about the probabilities of the winnings, because the random number generator always works the same way. It is the same whether you decide to play by pulling a lever or by pushing down on a button.


Among the other ludicrous ideas toward which we gravitate is the idea that slot machines have sequences of figures that appear more regularly than others. Like all the previous myths, this idea is false and groundless. The reason is that there are millions of possibilities that turn each second. This makes it impossible for one precise combination to appear frequently. If by pure luck, a player were able to follow these millions of possibilities with the help of a computer, he would not have a thousandth of a second to press on the button of the machine.

It is worth noting that the payback rate of slot machines are set when they are purchased. Because of this fact, it is impossible to change it when they are being used. Consequently, you should not believe that the casinos change their rate each hour or each week, because they cannot operate on these machines, even less so during the time that Jackpots are released.

Your chances of winning the Jackpots are not at all linked to the number of players in the room. The only benefit of having a full room is that the Jackpots on the machines are higher, because many people participate in the supply of the prize pool. Don’t think that the machines with high payback percentages are placed in traffic zones. Most casinos don’t have any strategic placement of the machines. However, it is important to note that the machines that are played are often the ones where there is more traffic.


If another player succeeded in winning the Jackpot at the machine that you just left, it is because he knew how to push on the button at just the right second. Don’t beat yourself up, because even if you had stayed at the machine, the Jackpot would have slipped through your hands anyway, because you didn’t push down at exactly the same time as the other player did. Conversely, if a machine just landed a Jackpot, it has all the same probabilities for winning as in the other turns. Don’t think that you shouldn’t play on these winning machines, because there is no difference between the games before or after a Jackpot.

Although you may have “squatted” a machine for 5 or 20 days without landing any Jackpot, there is no guarantee that it will happen the sixth or the twenty-first day. The probability to win remains the same, whether it is your first round or your 500000th bet. Now you know that the payback percentages apply to the many millions of plays. In this way, for a player to attain 500,000 games at 500 rounds per hour, he must play 1000 hours, without any guarantee of landing a Jackpot or reaching the payback percentage. Read all about it in this article: “Some simple advice to keep you playing in a casino that guides you and clarifies some basics about the game.”

While playing with the maximum number of chips allowed for one bet, you don’t increase your chances, because the machine doesn’t keep track of the number of chips in its redistribution. If you do this, you will only have the opportunity to play in progressive Jackpots.

Legal advice

It is legal to bet on many, if not all lines to increase one’s chances. You avoid the unpleasant surprise of finding out that you have gotten a winning combination on the lines that you hadn’t taken into account in your bets.

To conclude, don’t ever get into game play with those who boast about having methods or sure-fire winning techniques, because this game is only based on luck.