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The goal of this section is to inform you of the existing probabilities in slot machines. First of all, it is impossible to think up a logical strategy that can challenge the machine. Every secret of success rests largely on the choice of the machine, which will be based on your budget, your wait time, and the percentages of winnings on the machine.

Study the probabilities

While difficult, it is important to first study the probabilities of the slot machines before playing them and, all the more, because they are very different. The variety of games considerably affects the baseline probabilities. Of course, the probabilities are interpreted according to the percentage of winnings that a machine gives. The principle clearly shows that the more the percentage increases, the more frequently the machine will pay.

Loose slots

The percentages vary according to the machine, and some can reach 100%, which offer substantial winnings to the lucky winners. These machines are called “loose slots” and are generally placed at the center of the other machines. The reason for this strategic placement is to give players the impression that it is easy to win. This motivates them to bet more. It so happens that managers of land-based casinos place queues for the shows or the bars near the entrances so that they are visible to the crowd around them. That way, the people in the room will be tempted to rush toward this machine which pays frequently or toward the neighboring machines. However, the machines which go around the “loose slots” machine have more of an advantage for the business than for the customer.

This strategy in the casinos didn’t last long, because it was exposed by the frequent customers of the machines and in the establishment. These people reacted by forcing the managers to change their systems. The opposite strategy, consisting of putting them in areas in the casino that have few people, has been also used a lot. Today, the majority of the machines offer payback percentages that favor the business, with the exception of a few machines. The objective consists in tracking down this kind of machine, which offers low margins in the casino. These strategies are only for your information, because they have no use for online casinos.

Calculating the probabilities

It should be noted that you could calculate the probabilities when the machines were still mechanical. In order to do that, all you had to do was multiply the number of symbols by the number of wheels. That way, you knew that the probability of getting three figures was 1000 to 1 for machines with 3 wheels and 10 symbols. But today, the slot machines are computerized, making calculations impossible or inaccurate. Thus, it is better to focus on potential winnings. On average, the margin of machines is about 9%. An average machine gives 91 cents for each dollar bet. However, winnings are given randomly. Otherwise, the player would get discouraged very quickly about playing, knowing that 91 cents is received for every dollar bet. In any case, the games on the slot machines remain one of the most popular casino games in the world. Come visit our page, Slot machine- Strategy to learn the maximum possible techniques and strategic advice.