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Rules of the slot machines

Although you would think that no rule runs the slot machines, there are some that are necessary to remember. The rules of this famous game of chance are very simple and very easy to understand, whether you decide to play online or in a land-based casino. This simplicity is undoubtedly the reason for its great success with players.

Principle of the game

The game consists of sitting in front of the machine and pulling on the lever after putting a coin or chip in the designated slot. The player collects the winnings if he succeeds in getting a winning combination. For the majority of the new machines today, the levers are now being replaced with buttons. For the online games, you have to click on the “Turn” button or on another start button to begin the game. When you pull on the lever or when you push down on the button, the reels with symbols start to turn and stop either by chance or when you decide to stop it, depending on the type of the machine. Once the reels have stopped, the different symbols that show up on the middle line determine if you have won or not.

The strong point of the slot machines lies in the fact that many variants are taken into account, which differ according to the themes, outfit, or symbols that appear. Multiplier games allow for players to increase the sum that they can win at the time of their gains by increasing the coins that they play.

Different Variants

The uniqueness of certain machines is due to the possibility of choosing the amount of chips or coins with which you play. In fact, the player has the right to choose at random the value of his bet before pulling the lever. In order to do this, he must click on the arrow or on the “Bet One” button to increasing from 1 or the “Bet Max” to play all the chips. The total number varies between 3 and 5 coins. Multiplier games allow for the player to increase the sum that he can win at the time of the gains by increasing the coins the he plays.

The amount that he could win increases the more he adds coins in the machine. It has been said that the defining feature of the classic slot machines is that the three figures of the middle line must match for the player to win. The other lines above and below the middle line are only taken into account on the machines that make possible their activation, the slot machines with many lines. Thanks to these models, the player can choose the number of lines on which he will bet with a limit of 9 lines at once.

In order to do this, the player only needs to click on the button, “Select the line.” If the winning combinations comes out horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the lines on which he has bet, the player will receive a fair compensation. Also, the player has the right to choose the sum that he is going to play that yields proportional winnings to his bet afterwards. But the most popular type of slot machine is undoubtedly the progressive machine because of its famous progressive Jackpot. The principle of this type of machine consists in taking a portion of the amounts bet by the players on certain machines connected to each other in order to create a progressive pool known as the Jackpot.

This can reach gigantic amounts. While playing on these machines, the player participates in the accumulation of this pool, which generally reaches many millions of dollars. Access to this jackpot is subject to one condition, which requires the player to bet randomly with the maximum number of coins allowed for each bet. When you collect winnings or the chips which haven’t yet been played, you only have to click on the button, “Customer Withdrawal” or “Cash.” It should be noted that the principles for the online slot machines is the same as for the slot machines in land-based casinos.

Success on the Internet

Rules of the online slot machine Fruit FrenzyOut of all the current casino games on the net, the slot machine game is one of the most popular because it is simple, fast, and can also win a lot of money. The success of this game is also due to the fact that it requires no wait time to play it. Don’t hesitate to try out the various ranges of machines offered by online casinos, which promise great moments of entertainment. Visit beforehand our page on strategy of slot machines to maximize your chances.