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Slots terminology

One-armed bandit

Synonym of slot machine.


This is the value of the coin that you bet in the slot machine.

Free spins

These are free games. Generally, they can be won by obtaining several Scatter simultaneously on the screen. Often during free spins, your winnings are doubled or multiplied.


This is the big amount of slots. It is the largest winning amount that can be won.

Multi-site Jackpot

This is a progressive jackpot that can be won on a network of slot machines that belong to different online and offline casinos.

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot is not fixed. It increases with the bets of the players. In fact, a small percentage is charged on each bet to increase the jackpot.

Bonus jackpot

This is a mini game in which the reels disappear. Generally, it is necessary to choose one or many objects that contain winnings, but this is not always the case. Sometimes but rarely, chance is not taken into account, and it acts as a game of skill.

Payment line

This term designates a line of symbols on which the player bets.

Video slot machine

See video slot.


Acronym designated for slot machine

Free games

See Free spins


Free spins during which it is possible to win additional free games.


Actual reels in mechanical slot machines and virtual in video slots, on which the symbols are shown.


This special symbol can pay even if it doesn’t appear on the activated payment line. It must appear one or two times simultaneously, no matter where it is placed on the reels.


Slot machine in English.


These are the drawings on the reels.

Reversal rate for players

This is the percentage of the bet that the slot machine redistributes to the players. In France, in a brick-and-mortar casino, the law forbids it to go under 85%. This is percentage means that on average, players will obtain 85 euros for every 100 euros bet.

Free rounds

See Free spins.


The more a slot machine has a weak variation, the more it will regularly give money back. On the other hand, winnings offered are rather weak. On the contrary, the more a slot has a higher variance, the more rarely it redistributes winnings. However, the sums of money offered are rather high.

Video poker

This is a virtual or land-based game that is played on a device which resembles many slot machines. However, it is also inspired by table poker. Your goal is to form a combination of payable cards in two card distributions.

Video slot

Making their début in the 1970s, these slot machines have physical reels. They are replaced with a digital screen on which you scroll through the symbols.


This special symbol can take on the value of whatever item. Generally, it cannot be a substitute for a Scatter or a symbol which gives a bonus game if the slot machine offers it. Sometimes, it can double or multiply the number of winnings from the combinations that it forms.