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Why play slot machines?

Compared to various table games, slot machines can seem less appealing, because their payback percentage is lower than that of roulette, which can reach 98% with basic strategy and much less than that of blackjack, which reaches 99% for bets with simple strategy. Also, table games allow you to practice game skills that you will have learned. Moreover, the slot machine game remains the most popular and most played game in land-based casinos in metropolitan France. Winnings that are generated from these machines represent more than 80% of their annual revenue.

It goes without saying that no reputable casino could go without one. Without question, the main attraction of these slot machines is the Jackpot, which can reach a gigantic sum and make someone extremely rich who wins it. Like the lottery, Jackpots from slot machines fascinate millions of players, most of whom dream of getting rich fast and easy. Table games are very quickly disappearing, to the advantage of these machines, because their winnings do not reach the same proportions as slot machines. In fact, following roulette, the initial bet of the player is multiplied by 37 at the time of a winning bet on a figure. This doesn’t always equal the Jackpots in slot machines, which generally multiply the initial bet of the player by 1000.

The biggest sum ever won on a slot machine is still the Jackpot collected at Enghien-les-Bains, in Val d’Oise, in October 2007. The sum of this progressive jackpot won by this happy 54-year old winner was 1.7 million euros. However, it is important to know that this type of enormous sum is not won every day, but very rarely. Case and point, the previous record of 1.3 million euros dates back to 1993 in a casino in Divonnes-les-Bains. This makes a time interval of around 15 years, which is also in two different casinos.

Payback percentage

Slot machines generally have a payback percentage of 85% compared to 99.5% in black jack and 98% in roulette. Because of these figures, many people falsely believe that table games are more interesting to player than slot machines. However, if you are going by only the percentages, note that sometimes certain machines offer a rate of 95%, but they are very rare on the market. The majority of these machines are most often used for publicity for their owners and for the gaming establishments.

Simple games

Apart from Jackpots and the possibility of making a millionaire in the game room, the great success of the slot machines is also due to the fact that they are very simple and require no special talent. They are appropriate for people of all ages, given that the player doesn’t need to know a lot about the game before playing. The game simply consists in betting on the number of necessary chips that allow you to activate the lines on which you want to play. Next, you have to pull on the lever or press down on the button which starts the machine, in hopes that the right winning symbols will appear on the lines that you have selected. The rest depends only on your luck.

The alternative: Video Poker

Video poker in a casinoThe trump of this new generation of slot machines rests on the fact that it allows you to combine strategies from table games with the prospect of winning an enormous sum very quickly. In this way, it is made for people that like games that make you think about the solutions that allow you to ensure a win. In fact, Video Poker requires a little bit of thinking, which adds an even greater chance of winning. It has the added benefit of having a payback percentage that can reach up to 100%. It is very popular and very successful in Australia, where it is called “pokies.”